How to Build Battlecards Salespeople Love

And that they will actually use.

To beat your competitors head to head, you need to deliver laser-focused intel that your sales team will actually use.

Clear, concise competitive insights that are written for sales people, to help them close deals. 

In this webinar we will cover:

The 8 battlecards you should always have - and the fundamentals on how to build them

How to align battlecard content with sales cycle stages

Strategies to increase the impact your competitive content have on deals

5 key questions you should be able to answer about each of your competitors

Are your battlecards building a loyal fanbase of sales reps? In this on-demand webinar we share the battlecard content your sales team is starving for and strategies for delivering relevant competitive insights throughout the sales cycle. 

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Katie is a sales-driven, B2B marketer with 12 years' experience leading marketing teams. At Klue, Katie is responsible for growth of pipeline and revenue (including leadership of the sales development team) in the high-growth category of Competitive Intelligence and Enablement. 

Vincent is a tech product and product marketing leader. Before joining Klue, Vincent headed up Product Marketing and Market Insights & Strategy at Hootsuite (and was also a long-time Klue user). Now he is our go-to for competitive insights at Klue.