Level up your sales battlecards with 15  battlecard templates sent directly to your inbox each week, until we run out. 

With competitors, one size does not fit all.

"With Klue, our account teams leverage the intel they need to compete everyday. They love having easy access to web and mobile playbooks that are fresh, up-to-date and full of digestible information they can actually use to win deals."


Director, Competitive intelligence

Dell EMC


"We have an enormous Sales and Partner community, with a technical, highly complex sales cycle. The CI team is tiny by comparison. Klue gives us a better system to support hundreds of field sales personnel with timely, accurate, curated information about the competition."

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Your competitors are all different. You need a unique approach to beat each one. 

No more pdfs. No more 30-slide decks that no one reads. To beat your competitors, you need to deliver laser-focused strategies to Sales.

Each week, we'll share the strategy behind a new card. You'll build a catalog of competitive content to help you create better competitive battlecards.


Chief Marketing Officer

Adaptive Insights

This is a series for product marketing and competitive intelligence teams that:

Improves your sales performance metrics: higher win rates, larger average deal size, and shorter sales cycle. 

Builds your personal library of competitive strategies with tips, templates and examples of winning battlecards.

Gives you the strategy behind the best individual cards we've seen, having built hundred of battlecards for B2B enterprise clients. 

DOESN'T. WASTE. YOUR. TIME. Fluff-free emails. Two min reads. We take our own advice - competitive content must be concise. 


Don't just take our word for it.

Klue helps you manage competitive intelligence.

We're Klue. We help B2B enterprises to collect, curate and share competitive intel with sales teams and channel partners.

Tracking competitors is half the battle. We help with that. The other half is building and delivering battlecards to the field. This is where work gets tough; it's also where we excel. 

Our battlecards win deals. They shorten sales cycles and increase average deal size.