Modern Competitive Intelligence Tools

Don't be blindsided by your competitor's next move.

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Quickly ramp new reps on your own products and make sure they know how to position your products in the market.

Delivering battlecards with competitive messaging ensures reps correctly position your products against competitors.

Manage competitive intelligence with new tools to track competitors and deliver intel to Sales. 

Scale your competitive intelligence program

Tracking competitors is easier than ever with automated data collection.

Klue delivers sales battlecards in your existing tool stack - email, Slack, web, mobile, and Salesforce.

Curate and update content in one place. Real-time updates mean reps can always trust your content. 

Collect Intel

Curate Insights

Deliver Battlecards

Track website, pricing, and product changes, content, news releases, reviews and more.

"With Klue, our account teams leverage the intel they need to compete every day. They love having easy access to web and mobile battlecards that are fresh, up-to-date and full of digestible information they can actually use to win deals."

Don't just take our word for it.

"We've gone from covering 12 companies to 54 with the same team. Klue enables us to cover more competitors and go deeper on the ones that matter."



Chief Marketing Officer

Adaptive Insights 

Director, Competitive Intelligence

Dell EMC

Klue's features at a glance

Deliver battlecards in Salesforce, Email, Web/mobile, and Slack.

Competitor tracking

Intel digests 

Accessible battlecards 

Real-time collaboration

Collect intel on the go 

Usage metrics

Reinforce positioning strategies with reps 

Drive revenue with sales battlecard delivery 

Sales teams armed with easy to access competitive intelligence perform better in deals. 

Klue battlecards improve win rates, shorten sales cycles, and increase average deal size.  

Improve sales performance by delivering better battlecards with Klue.

Competitor Tracking Made Easy

Automated competitor tracking means you'll never miss a piece of critical intel. 

Klue collects  data from millions of sources and uses AI to surface the most relevant  market and competitive intelligence for your company. 

Reinforce competitive strategies by sending intel digests to your teams.

Use the Klue browser extension to collect intel.

See who opened what when.

Collect, collaborate and share intel across teams

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