Competitive Sales Analysis Template

Use this template to analyze the performance of your sales team against competitors.

Better competitive strategy - Improve sales training and competitive enablement by identifying the biggest revenue opportunities within your competitive deals. 

Includes a quarterly reporting template with a dashboard for executive reporting to give you visibility into the biggest revenue opportunities in your pipeline.

Template for analyzing your Competitive Deals 

Get Real Insight Into Where and How Your Competitors Are Out-Selling You. 

What's in This Template:

2. Competitive Summary Graphs: 
At-a-glance graphs to see monitor your competitors in the markets to identify who is coming up more frequently in deals, who you're losing to, and where the most revenue is being lost in your pipeline. 

3. Detailed Competitor Deal Profile: 
Dive deep into your biggest competitive threats to find out where you are losing deals. Identify issues in your sales process, with specific verticals, sizes of companies, or with specific product lines. 

1. Quarterly Reporting Template 
Template to track your sales performance against each competitor to identify trends in win rate, opportunity frequency and revenue impact.