A Product Marketer's Guide to Creating Battlecards that Win Deals

"Within the next decade, every B2B company will have a pool of curated intel like this to leverage and stay ahead. It’ll be alive, at your fingertips, integrated across platforms, predictive and leveraged daily to win more business."



Co-founder & CEO of Klue

In this Guide You'll Learn:

Learn how to use battlecards like an expert - from the experts. Transform your stale data into up-to-the-minute competitive intel with this free PDF.

1) The characteristics of successful sales battlecards.

2) How to build battlecards your sales team will actually use - with expert advice from Tim Rhodes, Former head of Marketing Strategy & CI at Oracle.

3) Trends in competitive & market intelligence.

4) Insider tips for uncovering competitive intel.


The Guide

Kill sheets. Positioning docs. Competitor decks. Battlecards.

Whatever you call them, they are the single most important tool your teams have in late-stage selling. 

Successful businesses use them to win deals, increase business, and keep customers happy when competitors get too close.

Your sales strategy needs to be strong, your sales reps need to be prepared and you must have the tools in place to support it.

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